Rolex Daydate Replica Watches

The popularity of the rolex watch at home there is no doubt. As a classic Swiss watch brand, it is loved by so many watches fans from all walks of life with its reliable technology and the design of a bright. Rolex dual calendar watch, as the name implies, refers to the watch with week and calendar display. According to our observation, Rolex double calendar watch’s week display window is arc crossing at the position of twelve o ‘clock, calendar window is brand unique “fish eye” of glass design, with strong brand characteristics.

ROLEX Daydate 218238-83218 Yellow Surface Mechanical Men Watch
The watch bezel is using the triangle grooved brand trademark design, 18 k gold watch case and the watch chain are elegant. Standard three needles configuration to make you look noble and generous when wearing it. On the 41 mm golden watch dial there has 10 diamante time scale, and under the 12 o ‘clock position there has the Rolex logo. This Rolex watch has no complex timing functions, only simple double calendar display function, the whole beauty and good taste are enough to conquer any need to dress to attend the occasion.

ROLEX Daydate 118239-A-83209 Blackstone Mechanical Men Watch
Compared to the first high-profile and costly gold watch, this Rolex double calendar watch is in low-key and high-quality design. As a model of watch of noble, Daydate calendar is using only gold and platinum and other precious metals to make of. The watch case and watch strap of 118239-A-83209 are made by 18ct white gold, whose exalted temperament is self-evident. On the black dial of this Daydate watch is 10 diamante time scale which is unripe brightness. The 12 O’clock position shows all English week, and at position of 3 o ‘clock uses the convex mirror to display the date, which makes the watch dial in harmony.

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