Reasons for the Steal-stop Problem of Rolex Watches

Steal-stop Problem is a problem that a lot of people who wear watches have met, and many of them thought the watch was wrong when happening this kind of situation. What are the reasons of the Steal-stop Problem of Rolex replica watches and how to deal with it? Just find more answers here.

The reasons for the Steal-stop Problem of the Rolex quartz watches:
1) LOW BATTERY. Most of the Steal-stop Problem of the Rolex quartz watches are caused by the low battery and you just need to change a new battery for your watch;
2) Bad contact. Circuit boards and other parts of the quartz watch appeared the situation of the poor contact, and your Rolex watch is also easy to happen the steal-stop problem;
3) Movement fault. If the watch movement has some gear train faults then it can also lead to steal-stop problem of your Rolex watch.

The reasons for the Steal-stop Problem of the Rolex mechanical watches:
1) Insufficient kinetic energy. The winding of the watch is not enough and the kinetic energy is also not enough, especially for those self-winding mechanical watch, whose self winding efficiency is relatively low, needs more arm activities, and wear watch to type on the keyboard, and smaller range of motion for the wrist also causes the lower efficiency of the winding. If the range of motion is small, you can wind your watch through the way of manually winding.
2) Gear failure. The Gear failure of partial gear and center gear failure also can lead to the steal-stop problem of the Rolex watch, which is not easy to be found and you need to carefully check and test it to find out the problem and deal with it.
3) Lack of maintenance. Rolex mechanical watch needs to be maintained at intervals of about 2-3 years at a time. For a long period of time without maintenance it will produce a large amount of sludge and sedimentation.

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