New Rolex Cellini Date in 2014

Rolex Cellini we have reviewed before are quite gentle, just a feminine side of a powerful man. As we have already talked about the common three-hands version and Dual Time, so what we are going to introduce today is a Cellini Date.

I have to admit that my photographing skill is terrible but what beyond my imagination is that Cellini Date is so black, black enough to cover the time scales and hands. Although it seems to be clear to read time, the pictures in my camera is quite black. Once again, I recover the scene. From the perspective of visual balance, I highlight on 6 o’clock. What’s more, only Cellini is the one that has hand to indicate date instead of an aperture. A more nostalgia way.

Now let’s look at the case back. Still we have a screw-in case back but it is more flat comparing to the Oyster case back, so it matches hands perfectly. Rare leather are applied to Rolex watches, and a bright alligator leather is also rare to be seen, but a black alligator skin belt can be seen on the Cellini Date, whether to catch more attention or whatever. Still there are some Rolex watches that have belt but do not have pin buckle, but in the Cellini you can see a pin buckle. Once again it wants to be the center.

The returning of Cellini definitely become the topic of this year’s watch fair. Three types are function-oriented and lay emphasis on quality life. Date will become the most popular one. Dual time might not be necessary but date display does. Actually, if you put two together, and add a dual time on the Cellini date, I bet it will be funny to see. Honestly, such a pattern defines it business style.

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