Delicate Engraving-Animals In Watches

Animal is a crucial part of our nature, and I guess every in their childhood has curiosity about the cute small animals like rabbit, cat and powerful and aggressive animals like tigers and lions. In designers, those animals are the inspiration of their design. It never occurred that such a giant animal would appear in the dial. As an important part of the watch, every lines or engrave is so delicate, which reflects how much attentions that those designers paid to observe them. So here we went to an animal world and see two replica watches USA with beautiful patterns and engravings.

Graceful Butterfly-Piaget Limelight Dancing Light G0A36159
Piaget, in my heart, represents a graceful lady (do not take it wrong). Piaget combines many natural elements into this Limelight Dancing Light, such as the luxury gems and precious materials. Piaget Limelight Dancing Light G0A36159 fully exhibits a woman’s beauty, and combines the precise chronometer, beautiful engraving and gemstones together. The diameter of this Piaget Limelight Dancing Light G0A36159 reaches 39mm and has a 18k white gold case with 128 round-cut diamonds on it. The rose and green mother Pearl set off lady’s grace to its best form. The upper part of this chronograph is a chronograph hand which is around by 5 butterflies: three butterflies with gorgeous gemstones on it shines. Two butterflies in the down part is made of white gold, and has no additional stuff on it. Piaget Limelight Dancing Light G0A36159 is fitted with Piaget 56P quartz movement, and the bracelet is a white strap.

Vivid Dragon-Pasha de Cartier 42mm Skeleton
Skeleton, vivid dragon gives a crystal feel, and it is not like that kind of golden dragon. This precious skills is one of the greatest work. Pasha de Cartier 42mm Skeleton considers the beauty and melts a recognizable element: a screw-down winding crown with a shining gem on it.

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