Best than ever-TAG Heuer Calibre CH 80 Chronograph

Although Heuer is not known as its home-made movement, it shows its strength on developing new movements, such as the Calibre 1887. Since its debut, Caliber 1887 gained tremendous popularity in and outside the watch circle and won Petite Aiguille in SIHH 2010. Even though Calibre 1887 is not easy to replace, there is a more powerful and highlighted Calibre CH 80 that seems to take the place the Calibre 1887 since it now becomes the hottest movement in the market.

You got to know that Carrera Panda become a necessary watch for top racers in the world since it was released.

For the TAG Heuer Calibre CH 80 Chronograph, Minute counters is set at 3 o’clock while hour counter is set at 9 o’clock and small second 6 o’clock. Calibre CH 80 guarantees at least 80 hours of power reserve. It has a thin case, which is quite rare among so many sport watches. Letter CH and central second hand and the middle part of crown are painted with vermeil. A sport style. Date aperture is set at 4 and 5, and whether to set a date aperture in this place causes controversy in the market. Some people think that it should be got rid of since there is no date aperture in many antic chronographs. Some think that we should change with time and we don’t have to stick to conventions; instead, we should break it and brings us more novelties. What’s more, a date aperture could bring convenience for us and for those who has little interest in the chronograph, a date display is more practical and helpful. Tag Heuer Calibre CH 80 has leather belt and 316 steel for option. Particularly, the belt was inspired by the leather gloves wearing by Juan-Manuel Gangio, a prestigious racer, and many racers who love this kind of glove. The leather belt looks cool, and sport-style.

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