Winky Diamonds Watches Recommendation

Watch diamonds inlaid process looks like simple, actually it is very complex. Because each kind of watch is made strictly in accordance with the drawings, this to the size of the diamonds is very strict, even with a small error it cannot be inlaid successfully. And for the luster and color of diamond it also should be unified. Here two diamonds watches are recommended for everybody today and hope you like them.

Piaget ALTIPLANO G0A36534 watch

ALTIPLANO series is the pronoun of the Piaget ultrathin watch and this Ref.G0A36534 is the pocket size, fully showing the gentle and refined temperament of the female. The wrist watch size diameter is 24 mm and the watch dial design is concise and restraining, white dial with iridescent sheen is echoing with the golden time scale perfectly. The 18 k rose gold platinum ring set 48 fine round diamonds, all show elegant style, and it matches with a brown silk quality strap. It is carrying with the quartz movement which can provide the more accurate time than the automatic mechanical movement.

Rolex Oyster Daytona rainbow watch

This Rolex Daytona watch is made of 18k yellow gold, and it is equipped with the outer bezel which is decorated with full of rainbow toned diamonds, and these diamonds are sending out the colorful shine of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple color, which looks like the Spectacular and colorful changing color in the sky. Rolex specially and carefully picked the exquisite jewels and combined it together, to give the fantastic splendor for this Daytona watch.

Diamond is a composed of a carbon elemental crystals that is formed under high temperature, on behalf of the love and commitment. The highest hardness in the natural mineral, also has a strong color of fire, and when it is inlaid on the wrist watch it can reveal more elegant and exquisite craft.

Swiss Replica Watches

There are all kinds of watches for you to choose from including the Patek Philippe, Piaget, Audemars Piguet, Rolex, Cartier, Tag Heuer, Panerai, IWC, Hublot etc. I do not know whether you know about the A. Lange & S?hne or not, here we are going to learn more about it so that you can make your decision on buying it or not.

In the past years, we have seen a lot of 1815 series watches. Even with a tourbillon, most of them are quite simple, but displays time in a funny way. The tourbillon looks big, and it is really big. Maybe it is not the biggest tourbillon; it is half size of the dial. This might be the biggest tourbillon that A. Lange & S?hne ever produce. It measures 13.2mm and you can see components deep in the movement. This 1815 movement has something funny that you cannot find in the past two old components. A. Lange & S?hne released the Cabaret tourbillon which is a second-stop movement, which means you can stop the tourbillon when you pull out the crown and resume it when you push it back. It aims at improving the precision of the movement. It can not only stop tourbillon, it can also reset second hand to zero.

A. Lange & S?hne 1815 Up/Down updated itself in 2013, and was presented in the 2013 SIHH. A. Lange & S?hne 1815 Up/Down 2013 is the most classic edition in the whole series, and is the one I love most. What’s more, A. Lange & S?hne 1815 Up/Down offers rose gold and yellow gold edition. This A. Lange & S?hne 1815 Up/Down 2013 reaches 39 mm of case diameter, but only measures 8.7mm. The case is polished to reach its balance. It is not only graceful, it is also well-produced. So it is perfect.

Tips on Buying the Vintage Rolex Watches

There are more and more watches fans showing interests on collecting the vintage Rolex watches, as it is known to all that there are lots of advantage for vintage Rolex watches, here we are discuss on the tips on buying the vintage Rolex watches in the follows:

Yes, that is watch case! The name of Rolex has destined the watches are worn by the people who live with labor, normally, you won’t put it aside carefully in your box like the Patek Philippe, more won’t let it lay in the safe. And its owner is wearing it at work, mountain climbing, or even swimming, even when they are go to the sauna, have fight, like me, that is hard to avoid stuttering, traces of time and life in the above of the watch case, if you see a watch with a knife cut mouth, do you still buy it? , of course, do not buy, reseller will process it, traces will be polished away, we also can’t be too demanding on the watches of decades history, and the polishing does not affect the watch case mold was acceptable, if you want to grasp the scale, you can feel whether the polished process serious or not after seeing it for more times, and how serious for each dimension are also different.

There is a note about the problems of the antique rolex parts assembled – the original parts but not the original parts of this form, or not original assembly parts during the same period for each of the watch, and this generally happens on the more expensive antique rolex, the cheap Rolex watch generally is not worth to do. Anyway, if you are a fan of vintage Rolex watch, just pay more attention to the watch case process, and if you are a fan of just Rolex watch, you can consider the replica Rolex from online shop where huge deal and great saving are offered.